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Company Skills

Funnel Building & Optimizing




High Converting E-commerce


Complex Web Applications


Data Monetization


Our Mission

  • The strategy

    for all our customers

    Capped Out Media is an invite only agency dedicated to staying scientific with our approach to building. Caclulated, driven and successful.

    By utilizing the latest web standards and "out of the box" thinking, capping out the goal is what we do best.

Our Vision

  • The Future Of Technology

    for all our customers

    Capped Out Media is different. We don't throw ideas at a wall and hope they work. We build and test our ideas on our own portfolio of sister companies first.

    Once we have completed a case study, we release our findings to our clients so everyone can profit, together!


Successful Projects
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Managed Records
We have generated MILLIONS for our clients.


Retained Clients
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Graphic Design

We build visually stunning graphic design elements for your companies.

Funnel Development

If you are looking high converting funnels or splash pages, we are here for help.

Custom Web Development

We are industry leading experts of web development. We even build custom web applications!

eCommerce Solutions

We build professional ecommerce solutions for your online shops.


If you are looking professional automation, we will help you.

Data Monetization

We are data management experts, and can explode your digital profit margin.

Heads Of Department

Waynard Schmidt

Owner // Head of operations

Yo! I love to build businesses, invent and hack technology but most importantly ride motorcycles.

Head Of Department

Lead Software Engineer

Welcome to our website, I am the lead software engineer at Capped Out Media.

Head Of Department


I am Dave. I build awesome ads, and content silos for our clients. I love to create with my hands!

Head Of Department

Lead Custom Software Engineer

Hello guys, I am Travis. I build the custom applications and streamline our clients' businesses.

Head Of Department

Lead Graphic Designer

Sean here! I am senior art director and web designer. I build stunning websites for our clients.

Head Of Department

Lead Logo and Print Designer

I am Eric. I build beautiful logos and print materials for our clients.

Head Of Department

Head of Chinese operations

Im Shelly! I am a very hard worker! I love to hustle with the US team and enjoy breaking records.

Head Of Department

Lead Video Engineer

Hello! I'm Rayn, the video guy. I'm here to frame your imagination on the screen.

Head Of Department

Processing and Intake

Hey! I'm Kira. I love to organize and plan! I make sure every transaction with Capped Out Media and all it's sister companies run smoothly!

Head Of Department

Project Management

I am Bronson! I love to be organized and have 10+ years working in the digital advertising niche. I'm Head of Project Management at Capped Out Media.

Head Of Department

Data Analysis

Hey there! I'm taylor, aka shorter. I'm a hard working individual, who enjoys little things in life.

Head Of Department

Quality Assurance

Yooo I am Scotty I love to grind with the team and get things done!.



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    Taylorsville Utah 84123


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